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How To Layer Bedding For A Designer Look

tips on how to make your bed like a hotel


Good morning loves, happy Tuesday. As an avid traveler to boutique hotels, I’m pretty knowledgeable by now in regards to what makes a hotel comfortable. I think I could take a “how to make a bed like a hotel” course and pass with flying colors. One of the most common subjects I get asked about on my Instagram account is about my bedding. Well I figured today was a good day to share with you all my tips on how to layer bedding for a designer look. It’s really not as hard as you think, and to me it’s just about how plush or luxurios or inviting you want your bed to look.

tips on how to layer bedding for a designer look

tips on layering a bedding

Let’s peel back my bedding to get a look at what’s underneath shall we and get tips on how to layer bedding like a designer. As you can see, I LOVE to layer my bedding. Truthfully, when you go to a nice hotel isn’t there a few layers of bedding that awaits you? MATTRESS COVER: To start, I always put on a mattress cover. This helps with collecting dead skin cells, dust mites, body fluids and protects your mattress for years to come. To boot, they are washable and helps to keeping your sleeping environment super clean. WHITE SHEETS: I’m all about white sheets as as a base to my layers. They are neutral in tone and gives a clean fresh look. Stay away from prints and busy pattern when it comes to sheet.  DUVET COVER WITH DOWN: Without my duvet cover with down insert, in the fall/winter months, how else are you going to stay warm and cozy. Duvet covers are so fun as you can find them in many colors they can change a room in an instant. From light and bright, to dark and moody. It’s all in your taste. But a duvet with down inserts adds a touch of luxury and plushness that otherwise cannot be gotten. It’s my #1 tip for giving a luxury feel to your bed. COMFORTER: In all reality, when using a comforter/bedspread over a duvet, it’s just for looks people. It shouldn’t be thick as you don’t want to be to warm when you are sleeping and having to many layers makes for an uncomfortable sleeping environment as you will be too warm.

tips on how to layer bedding like a designer

How about some pillow talk. When it comes to layering bedding like a designer, it’s all about the frosting on the cake i.e. the pillows. Sure you can get super fancy and have some custom made, but let’s be real, you nor I aren’t going to do that every time we want to freshen up our bedding. What we can do is use a mix of sizes, textures and patterns. If you keep the sheets, duvets and comforters plain, you can really have fun with your pillows. With this winter bedding, I used linen for the square Euro shams and both fleece and cotton on the square pillow. Buy mixing up your textures and colors you add visual appeal and interest. With cold weather, the fleece adds warm. So the next time you take a trip and stay at a nice hotel, notice how they do it, take the clues and make your own bed feel like a luxury hotel. Love the mesh comforter? Find a link to it here.


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