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How To Add Farmhouse Touches to Your Hutch

farmhouse decorating ideas


Happy Wednesday loves, I hear there is quite the heat wave happening in some parts of the country. That’s never fun πŸ™ We are having a beautiful day in Connecticut and that’s saying a lot because the weather here has been so up and down. But it is officially the first day of Sumer and that’s something to cheer about. Today I’m happy to share my ideas for how to add farmhouse touches to your hutch.

Recently, I’ve started to get to some projects that I’ve been meaning to around our home. Β They aren’t any major changes but they are little improvements on the spaces I’ve been wanting to change around. One of them being moving the hutch from the office to the dining room and giving it more of a farmhouse feel. If you have seen my office hutch makeover, then you remember that the hutch was painted and made over to fit into the office and store my office/craft supplies. This worked for sometime, but I felt the hutch would find better use in the dining room where I could put some of my milk glass collection and flea market finds I have acquired lately.

how to decorate a farmhouse hutch

who to decorate farmhouse style

So I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to put on the top of the hutch. I knew I would shop my house and move items around but wasn’t sure exactly which ones. Well I scored this old window pane at the flea market a few weeks ago and new the top of the hutch was the perfect spot for it. What says country/farmhouse more than an old window pane. So adding this window was a good decision in adding farmhouse touches to the hutch. When decorating farmhouse style you really want to make sure there is lots of texture in your space. So I went looking for the percent accent wreath and found this one at HomeGoods. I really love that the green color was on the softer size and it was the perfect size to attach to the table. I also scored this cute little Rae Dunn birdhouse. I just love how simple it is. I have had this lantern a few years now and relocated it to the top of the hutch as I think the glow of candles will look pretty up there lit up at night.

farmhouse styling

Other pretty ideas for adding farmhouse touches to a hutch is to display your collections. Whether it be milk glass or mason jar, tea kettles, or scales; hutches holding your treasures is well suited for giving your space that farmhouse feel.

milk glass collection

farmhouse decorating ideas

I love napkins and dish towels. I really can’t tell you how many I have as I might become to embarrassed. Adding metal baskets, even galvanized ones are an easy and affordable way to add farmhouse touches to a hutch. I scored this one at my local flea market for $10 and thought it was a lovely way to display some of my tea towels and napkins. My favorite fabrics for napkins are linen and cotton because of the rustic, casual and relaxed simple look of them.

farmhouse decorating tips

Speaking of metal. This little kettle was one of my favorite little finds a few weeks ago at the flea market. Metal is definitely a go to way to add that farmhouse feel to a hutch. You can’t go wrong as it adds texture and old world feel.

farmhouse decor

I hope you found some of these tips helpful if you are thinking about sprucing up your hutch, Farmhouse Style.


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